Thursday, September 27, 2012

Your award letter should come to you in the mail within the next thirty days and you will also recieve an email confirming you eligibility along with links that will assit you with employment.
I recieved my eligibility three weeks later, one day after my official enrollment date. Make sure to to sign up for at least 12 units and take your enrollment forms and your letter of eligibility to your school's V.A counselor, they will post your confirmation electronically to the V.A.
I started the process on 1 August 2012 and recieved an immediate response with a seven digit confirmation number. Be sure to submit your DD 214 with your application along with your bank account numbers. If you don't have a bank account I suggest you open one with U.S BANK. they are more than happy to help and are Vet friendly. If you cannot scan files electronically to VONAPP, then mail your documents to your regional office. Be sure to submit your confirmation number with any documents you sumbit to V.A.
Veterans Retraining Assistance Program High Demands Occupation is to help unemployed veterans find work as quickly as possible, Veterans must pursue a field of study full time in a high demand occupation. There are a multitudes of options and the list is long. Veterans need to apply online via eBenefits and complete a veterans online application (VONAPP). The process is simple and fast. YOU CAN ATTACH FIVE ELECTRONIC FILES TO ANY VONAPP APPLICATION. Be sure you print and review you application before you submit to V.A.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Veterans 35 to 60 have a second chance to go to school and get paid thru VRAP the steps are simple.